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Saturday, 24-Nov-2012 17:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Midrange smart Samsung i5800 Android today down 100 Yuan

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on September 6, 2010, Samsung I5800 (revision machine) in businesses "constellation technology" of latest quotes is 1899 Yuan, than zhiqian of price reduced has 100 Yuan. accessories has: single electric single filled, and headset, and data line,. Samsung I5800 is a paragraph positioning Yu low-end of Android smart 3G phone. figure for Samsung I5800 theory,, Samsung I5800 should than zhiqian of Samsung I5700 to more excellent is, But the overall positioning of the machine you want to actually lower. Samsung I5800 carried a 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen at a resolution of 240x400 pixels, particles larger due to relatively low resolution, Samsung I5700 Samsung I7500 and before, after all, is 320x480 pixels of resolution. systems, Samsung I5800 piggyback system Android 2.1 version, version of the system is new, So extended capacity well. core hardware Shang, 667MHz of processor effectiveness powerful, machine of run speed are has guarantee. Hou reset has a shells 3.2 million pixel of camera, actual performance General, but also basic enough. However in network area, Samsung I5800 of performance also is is good of, apart from support WCDMA of network yiwai, WIFI and GPS also are support, overall performance is powerful. figure for Samsung I5800 figure for Samsung I5800 Touch Wiz 3.0 mode GSM,WCDMA Android OS v2.1 band GSM 850/900/1800/1900WCDMA 900/2100MHz supported operating systems the user interface specifications available spatial 170MB battery 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery camera 3.2 million pixels Wi-Fi capabilities to support GPS function support edit comments: Samsung I5800 is a paragraph function mainstream of phone, carrying has Android intelligent operating system, core hardware also is mainstream, overall of performance also is is full of. but in screen aspects, too low-level of resolution order displayed effect big discount, screen of specifications declined led to has cost of good control, currently the machine of price/performance good, like of friends can start with. Samsung I5800 (revision machine)[ reference% 3C/CLK> price]1899 Yuan [ constellation technology sales business][ business address]Outside the World Trade Center building room 905, SOHO 1 shop] http://dealer.zol.com.cn/d_31745/ [ phone] 010-58696390 010-58696391[ businesses over the phone quote are actual purchases%1 3CCLK> price, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with or parallel import shop three months cannot be provided, please call complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product price) * due to price fluctuations, so complaints for a period of 10 days from the date on which the article is published.

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G1 severely restricted by hardware Android 1.5 limit

T-Mobile G1 is 2008 of Star products, this does not leave, but it of Flash does is too small has, so G1 Supreme also on can upgrade to Android 1.5, in zhihou of version G1 on run does not up has. this on means with G1 future only can for some security aspects of upgrade, but is may will and most new of program or features insulated has. Taiwan version of HTC Dream than G1 hardware configuration aspects strong some may many people will think surprised, Because custom version of HTC Android phone and non-custom version of in hardware Shang has does not small of difference. This may is was Google certification of effects, so phone in hardware Shang do has some reduced, also is because reduced, so powerful of HTC Sense cannot in non-Taiwan version yiwai of Magic Shang using, this is more important of a causes. actually for this practices, we also does not have to too surprised, these castration in HTC Magic body reflected of more obvious. hardware was such of strictly has a causes should is due to this two paragraph phone used of are is Android operating system. this operating system is open source of, and can more easily of for brush machine, user may from operators Department got phone zhihou immediately on brush into has own like of system version, so operators organization user brush machine on into has must, and can effective block brush machine of method also only in hardware Shang of castration has.

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Powerful 3.2 million like sunuo Kee N73 Internet Edition and t

On January 11, 2007, the Nokia N73 Internet Edition ml Hydra Zen distributor "mobile fashion mobile phone network" latest offer is 3,699 Yuan, more than 3,800 Yuan before the price falls further 101. the biggest feature is to have a 3.2 million pixel camera, and Symbian OS 9.1 Series 60 the third version of the operating system is used. photo: Nokia N73 Internet Edition Nokia N73 Nokia phone traditional straight body design, The screen is 2.4 inches 260,000 colors TFT material at a resolution of 240x320 pixels, pictures showed very clear. after a 3.2 million pixel camera Carl Zeiss Optics authentication is a feature of the maximum, although Sony Ericsson K790c with Cyber-Shot compared to professional quality camera to choose between, but N73 is a Symbian OS 9.1 Series 60 Third Edition operating system, Smartphone, So from overall view the classified slightly better. the machine do for N73 music version of licensed importers version, features Shang basic as, while random attached gift of memory card only 128M, but price is relative reduced has two hundred or three hundred Yuan, also gift has value hundred Yuan of Nokia original accessories preferential volume, can said overall price very good. figure for: Nokia N73 network version phone Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported (on January 11, 2007) models Nokia N73 (network version Licensed importers) latest price 3,699 specifications network frequency GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz; size 110x49x19 mm weight 115 g screen parameter 2.4 inches 260,000 colors TFT color screen material at a resolution of 240x320 pixels; Third Edition operating system SymbianOS 9 beats by dre pro pas cher.1 Series 60 ; Memory capacity 42MB; support for hot-plug memory card type mini SD card as the third-party storage medium, maximum support 1GB miniSD memory card; the camera 3.2 million pixels, an F2.8 maximum aperture of 5.6 mm focal length lens Carl Zeiss Optics certification, Tessar™ lenses; to protect the lens slide; built-in Flash; 20 times digital zoom; support for autofocus casque monster beats; CMOS sensor MP3 player built-in; digital music player, supportMP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC and WMA and play lists, and equalizer, adopting OMA DRM 2.0 standards support of music files; radio built-in; stereo FM radio (87.5-108 MHz/76-90 MHz) ; infrared connection, Bluetooth, data cable; Nokia N73 Network Edition mainstream reference price] 3699 [ (Mainland licensed importers with invoice the whole country)[ sales business] Mobile fashion phone-phone] 010-84832044 84831944[ stores [ businesses address] beisihuan Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing huatang shopping mall small camp Office 601

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2 million Han Feng-KTF-x6000 the first exposure

As the high-pixel camera phone technology matures, Korea several mobile phone Giants are scrambling to publish millions of pixels above the level of camera phones, Lotte bring you today is produced by KTF swing the 2 million pixels of shadow mobile phone KTF-X6000. KTF-X6000 CDMA1X network, 91.4X45X24.9mm the measurements and weight of 129.8g, in the 2 million-pixel mobile phone, is also very "lightweight". KTF-X6000 silver Black (dark blue) color scheme coupled with square shape, it is very stable. KTF-X6000 Panel does not have too many decorations, silver metal box embedded 1.2 inches of screen, this screen with 65,000 colors TFT material resolution 128x128 pixels, So large of screen can has this pixel has is quite good has. as viewfinder Manager of when, effect is very good of. outside screen of below obvious of said out KTF-X6000 2 million pixel of noble identity. open phone, 2 inches of screen absolute let people eyes a lit, this block 260,000 color TFT LCD resolution reached has QVGA (320x240 pixel) of level, screen quite of fine, enough to competent acts as a viewfinder Manager, browse photos also is watch video of task. KTF-X6000 keyboard design can be described as took pains, founder of navigation key and round of digital key Middle by oval of three a features key do has clever of transition amobile, digital key of interval comparison opened, Basic does not appears errors operation of may, and around navigation key and features key Zhijian of interval on is somewhat small has. fuselage of side is stereo headset plug hole and miniSD card slot, also side is infrared interface and photographed shortcut key. and fuselage of back is 2M pixel of CCD lens and independent speaker. We look at its powerful features, Qualcomm MSM6100 chipset for KTF-X6000 a powerful processing capabilities. supporting WAP access and MMS sending and receiving of SMS, built within the BREW platform, you can easily download games and applications, KTF-X6000 also supports WIPI 1.2 wireless Internet platform. KTF-X6000 dual color screen can rotate 180 °, two screens can make use the viewfinder casque monster beats, 2 million pixel lens with autofocus feature. not only can take a static picture, you can also shoot video in MPEG4 format, and the length of the video and only the phone's storage capacity and power-related. KTF-X6000 built-in 96M dynamic memory, and supporting a maximum 1G miniSD card expansion.KTF-X6000 ringtones using a 64 and Rotary, and supports MP3, with independent speaker, KTF-X6000 on sound is a first-class performance. other functions, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, memo, email, PC syncing, MPEG4 player, caller picture, is a natural photo-editing programs are less.

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New machine made by the 5-inch Android distributio

Never think that Japanese mobile phones only big-screen clamshell shape, Android that Xiang Bobo who doesn't want to bite it? Japan operators DoCoMo today on publishing has a paragraph model of SH-01B of new. However author believes that it has cannot with "phone" to defined, because it equipped with has 5 inches of screen, and contains a a QWERTY keyboard, most important is, it is "sharp manufacturing". 5 inches Android distribution QWERTY sharp SH-10B this paragraph new of 5 inches screen, resolution reached has 960x480, and carrying has sharp latest of "moved ASV" Technology. in addition, the products within and outside the double screen is equipped with two cameras (Deputy lens 430,000 of the primary lens 5 million pixels, pixels). 5 inch Android QWERTY blending sharp SH-10B photo of view from the keyboard, SH-01B Basic using a standard full size keyboard, Android is relying on parts on regular menu, return beats by dre ibeats pas cher, Home button, And we have also seen a trackball. system, remains the face of native Android. sharp, the 5-inch Android equipped with QWERTY SH-10B the hardware side, the Terminal supports WCDMA networks, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Can watch Japan of TV TV. fuselage built-in 4GB store space (3GB user available) monster beats by dre in ear, last Android system version for 1.6, and non-latest of 2.1.5 inches Android distribution QWERTY sharp SH-10B does not know is by Apple iPad of effects sharp, we are began launched phone market of "across territories" products. from currently of situation view, this part positioning does not is too clear of products, market prospects also unknown.

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